A downloadable mod

This is a small visual mod of Doom, created for Good Beer Week 2018. The mod replaces the weapons with local craft beers that were available at the time, and adds some logo graffiti to the walls.

You'll need this WAD file, as well as a copy of Doom (1993) and something like Zandronum (https://zandronum.com/) or GZDoom (https://zdoom.org/downloads)

If you want to see the assets then download the visual asset folder, and if you want to play around making your own WAD I suggest the wonderful free program SLADE (http://slade.mancubus.net/)


Butcher Red IPA by CoConspirators (chainsaw)

Beercan by Moondog (pistol)

Metamorphosis IPA by Kaiju (shotgun)

The Punch, The Heart, The Chop by Hop Nation (chaingun)

Stout by Boatrocker (rocket launcher)

Amalgamation Sour by Edge Brewing Project (plasma rifle)

Aftermath DIPA by Kaiju (BFG)

(drink local play local)

(drink independent play independent)

Install instructions

Make sure you've got a copy of Doom somewhere.

Download a program like Zandronum (https://zandronum.com/) or GZDoom  (https://zdoom.org/downloads) and point it towards your copy of Doom. This is standard for playing any doom WAD file, and you should go find some more after this, there's some rad ones out there!

That should allow you to run brewdoom.wad! This is my first time putting a WAD out there (gross) so if there's any issues let me know!

If you want to see the assets then download the OPTIONAL zip file, and if you want to play around behind the scenes you DEFINITELY SHOULD by using either SLADE (http://slade.mancubus.net/) or one of the other doom modding programs, and as always hit me up if you do make something, I want to see it! (tweet @SK_Louie)


brewdoomassets.zip 5 MB
brewdoom.wad 1 MB
readme.txt 5 kB

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