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Refresh was a small indie games event put on by the City of Yarra, Bar SK and Freeplay, held at the Fitzroy Library on Saturday the 9th of November, 2019.


With the amazing talent of now-local developer Zenuel (http://zenuel.com/) attendees created arts and crafts creations, photographed them, and brought them into a videogame in our version of a FlatJam (see for more info on Flatjams: https://flatgame.itch.io/)

Download the zip file, extract and double click the "SK Flatjam" file. Use W,A,S and D to move around, and hit N to change the music tracks. Only works on PC.

All assets were created on the day, including music!

Install instructions

Only works on PC.

Extract the files and run SK Flatjam.exe

use WASD to move and N to change music.


SK Flatjam at Refresh.zip 55 MB

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