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There's a big ol' castle full of dogs wanting pats and you're the one to pet them. Sorry, they jump up on you, I hope you don't mind dog paw prints on your jeans. Just pat them and they'll fall asleep pretty quick.

This is a mod for wolfenstein, made with ChaosEdit, for the Year of the Dog exhibition at Bar SK. It was made in a few hours, and most of that was finding the right software. I've included the editor as well as dosbox, you'll need to look up the dosbox instructions if you're unsure, but it's pretty easy (?)

Oh, you need to enable god mode and run it on the hardest difficulty.

CategoryGame mod
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsDogs, FPS

Install instructions

Check out dosbox instructions here: https://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Basic_Setup_and_Installation_of_DosBox

Use ChaosEdit to keep editing sprites and remove the dead nazi if you want to play with it.

Hit me up for any questions louis -at- barsk . com . au


woof3d.zip 4 MB


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Pet the Pup at the Party meets... well, Wolfenstein.  A+, fantastic play.

hey could you make a ecwolf compatible version


woah I didn't see ecwolf, that's really neat. I might make something compatible with it in the future but not woof3d. But if you have a free afternoon and you decide to try mod your own definitely link me to it so I can play it!


You're doing god's work


or is it DOG's work